Who We Are

 We are two speech-language pathologist with a passion for everything early development. We started Innovative Pediatric Learning Center of Miami (I.P.L.C) where we are committed to providing innovative, personalized, and skilled services to children. We recognize each child’s individuality in how they interact with the world that surrounds them and want to nurture that individuality and create a strong foundation while supporting age appropriate development.

I.P.L.C. Miami

You may be asking yourself why would speech-language pathologist be addressing these topics?

Well because speech, language, and communication development is the foundation for everything! Developing these skills is of absolute importance for young children’s success.We all have a need to express our wants, needs, and feelings to others. We also need to be able to understand what others express to us so that we can participate in interactions, learn from our environment, pursue an education, and form relationships. Communication is an integral part of human interaction and speech-language pathologists are the experts in communication.


Our Goal

Our goal is to help promote a learning friendly environment that will foster language acquisition, develop new abilities, learn important life skills, and start preparing children for school. This will also boost overall progress on other developmental milestones and help provide many more growth opportunities later in life. Why wait for your child to have a delay to seek help? We want to prevent the delay by sharing our professional knowledge with others. 

 Now that you know more about us and understand the importance of speech, language, and communication development in early childhood, let’s go!

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